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Buyer Testimonials

I first started talking to Gretchen months before going to the Big Island to look at condominium properties. I stumbled across her website and was impressed by the amount of information there, sales history, trends, etc.

After arriving I met with Gretchen and was amazed at her knowledge. As far as I could tell she is familiar with every condo project, local issues related to the condos in the area, and to some extent knowledge of the people who manage them, as well as other agents the market and sell them.

After looking at some properties I discovered Gretchen not only knows real estate but understands construction, how things are put together, some zoning, some building code, when this material should be used instead of something else and why. With that knowledge she very easily explained the pros and cons of various properties, what was good, what was bad, and what worked, but had x amount of life expectancy. Coming from a construction background that really helped me understand both the condo buildings themselves, but also the differences I needed to recognize between the environment in Hawaii and Nebraska.

After the purchase and through closing Gretchen followed up with me making sure I didn’t miss anything, reminding me of utilities and other things even after she provided a list of institutions, phone numbers, and who to contact for what.

The closing, while considerably more stressful with my juggling airline tickets, rental cars, and contractors, was completely uneventful and while Gretchen was not the person performing the closing, I know she was watching the entire process to make sure everything got completed and taken care of as expected.

I’ve had brief conversations with other Realtors on the Big Island while I was there. Any one of them was quite capable and willing to help me sell or buy a property there, but none of them showed anywhere near the knowledge of the Kailula-Kona area, market, sales trends and history, as well as local issues like road construction and municipal water well failures. I would not just recommend Gretchen, I personally wouldn’t sell, purchase or do major renovation to a condominium property in Kailua-Kona without touching base with Gretchen to get a read on the environment.

Brad Hayes
Hayes Properties LLC
Omaha, NE

June 11, 2017


Thank you for your incredible wisdom, guidance and impeccable business approach in finding our Kona dream home.  Kona is a unique real estate market that we had been frustrated by prior to meeting you.  Thanks to you, we were able to feel confident making an offer and moving swiftly to close escrow.  Leslie Woods, Premier Mortgage was great to work with.

Your ability to assess a homes condition, necessary work and approximate costs was invaluable.  Your network of home repair professionals was so helpful.

You are the best.

Sincerest Mahalo,

Jim and Jaime’ Nugent


Aloha’17 was my plan. In preparing for the plan was the usual browsing of available real estate via the Internet and its variety of resources. Realizing that was a bit overwhelming, I decided to wait until getting to the Big Island and would just pick a realtor. Gretchen Osgood, of Hawaiian Isle Real Estate,  was highly recommended by my new Hawaiian banker. He communicated that she was knowledgeable and someone whom he would like to have on his side of the table in a negotiation situation. After I left the bank, I  contacted Gretchen through email and also left a voicemail message. As it was late in the day, I figured I would hear from her in the next day or so.  She responded within the hour.  My housing size and price points were discussed, and I was on my way to look at real estate within two days.  Whenever I changed my mind, Gretchen took it in stride and changed direction to suit my specifications. In a relatively short time span, I acquired a mortgage loan, made an offer and the deal was made.  Gretchen was a very integral part of the process. She perused every document, caught several discrepancies, corrected things, and answered my questions in a professional yet friendly manner. She checked and double checked everything in the deal. She did not assume it was being done, she made sure it was done. She still checks in periodically to see how things are going and continues to give recommendations and  direction.  Gretchen Osgood is a top notch realtor and clients on the Big Island are very fortunate she is here! Call Gretchen today!  Aloha’17

You’ve made this whole process very easy and smooth.  Can’t wait to buy another property with you!  We will definitely be recommending you to friends and family!  Mahalo!  

Kona Alii Penthouse Buyers

With Gretchen’s assistance, we recently purchased a wonderful, upscale condominium in Keauhou. “Assistance,” however, doesn’t begin to describe the time, the hard work, the extensive knowledge, and the experience that she employed in representing us as our agent. She is, quite simply, and by far, the best real estate agent that we’ve ever worked with.

Over many hours of working with us and for us, Gretchen displayed a perfect combination of aggressiveness, patience, competence, knowledge, and perseverance. On our first visit with her, she showed us what turned out to be the perfect array of Kona area condos that fell within our parameters, which enabled us to quickly narrow down the properties on which we wanted to focus our interest. We were immediately impressed with her deep knowledge of the Kona real estate market. From there it was pretty easy to identify the condo that we wanted to acquire.

We are both very detail-oriented people who felt a need to be heavily and intimately involved in the details of the escrow process leading to our purchase. We thus pestered Gretchen relentlessly with questions about the provisions of the standard form sales agreement, requirements specific to Hawaii home ownership, our obligations during the process, and those of the sellers. Through it all, Gretchen was amazingly patient with us and answered all of our questions as promptly as possible. She was very assertive, in a positive, effective way, in managing the step-by-step process dictated by the sales agreement, both with us and the sellers, and in gathering information from the sellers where necessary. Her enthusiasm, energy, and positive, outgoing personality made the whole experience casual and stress-free.

Above all, Gretchen displayed amazing perseverance throughout our escrow period. While she was proactively steering our escrow process and those of several other clients, it turned out that she also was dealing with a serious family health issue. This is a strong, very personable lady with a deep sense of commitment to serving her clients at her very best. You can’t do better than Gretchen Osgood with your real estate transactional needs.

Ted & Loretta McMurtrie

Having purchased and sold several properties with Gretchen’s assistance, we are continually impressed with her professionalism, courtesy and knowledge. Gretchen has our highest recommendation.

Kent and Eliza Kane


I always want one on one personal relationships with business associates where lasting friendships may develop. With Gretchen, I knew when first meeting her that this “hi-energy redhead” was the realtor I was looking for! She proved herself immediately, showing me places in my area of interest in a matter of days and finding one in a matter of weeks! And in the interim, a true friend has arisen and I am happy and grateful for that. I would recommend her highly to anyone on the property “hunt”.

Gaylord Asari

When we started looking at finding a Big Island realtor several years ago, we did what we always do- internet research and reading reviews. We found some glowing reviews of Gretchen, and decided to give her a call to view some properties. While we were not quite ready to purchase at that time, we knew we had found our realtor. Gretchen knew the ins-and-outs of all the properties and neighborhoods and we went back to the mainland knowing who we would be calling. Six months later, on our next trip to the Big Island, Gretchen showed us a condo that was perfect as an investment. Within three weeks, we closed on the property, decorated and furnished it, and, of course, there was no question who would be our property manager. Within days, Gretchen had a highly qualified tenant signed up and moved in!

Fast forward- last fall we made the decision to become full-time Big Island residents. Because the condo we owned did not allow dogs, we had to find a location that fit our needs as well as allowed us to bring our pups to the Island.  And we needed to sell our existing condo for the right price. And we needed to do a simultaneous closing on the sale and purchase. And we needed to do it quickly.  And within our budget. That’s a lot of “Ands”!  Long story short, Gretchen and her staff made it all happen with no detail overlooked.

Please do yourself a favor. If you want to purchase, sell, or have someone manage your property, give Hawaiian Isle Real Estate a call. Listen to what Gretchen says and take her advice. Do what she suggests that you do. She is a real pro. And, afterwards, you will probably find yourself writing one of these glowing testimonials for Gretchen!


Rick and Peggy Benson


We found Gretchen to be very professional, prompt and to always do what she said she would do. She is highly efficient and very enthusiastic about real estate and customer service. We would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a Realtor.

Erin & Jack


Thanks to Gretchen I am now the proud owner of a beautiful home in Kona Highlands with a sound structure, updated amenities, and an incredible view of the Kona Coast. She demonstrates excellent skills in the areas of communication, negotiation, and time management. I was kept informed every step of the way. I even received emails and phone calls while she was away visiting relatives for the holidays. She was instrumental in helping me find financing and even let me use a computer in her office when I did not have a internet access. Gretchen is indeed a caring honest informed “real” estate agent. I highly recommend her.

John Michael Biery retired Special Education Teacher.


We have had the pleasure of working with Gretchen on two home purchases in Kona and we will be listing a property with her in the near future. Gretchen and her staff are truly the best team you will find in Hawaii. She has a clear understanding of the market “as it is” and she understands where it is heading, allowing you as a home buyer/seller the clarity to make the best possible decision. She is professional, detail oriented and most importantly, quick to respond to questions or needs. I would not make any real estate decision in the local Kona market without obtaining her perspective. We absolutely recommend Gretchen Osgood and Hawaiian Isle Real Estate.

David & Danielle Marzocchi

It is no wonder that Gretchen Osgood has been ranked as one of the best Realtors in Kona and in the State of Hawaii. We found out first hand how her full service realty business and personal attention to her clients can make the onerous task of buying a new home a pleasant and less stressful experience.We live in Washington State. Our daughter, son-in-law and 3 grandkids (and dog) were moving back to Kona from So. Cal. and upon a friends recommendation contacted Gretchen to find them the best available home at the best price for their family. We thought it might be difficult trying to find a house from the mainland without visiting Kona and seeing the houses for ourselves. After considering their needs as a family and our willingness to help finance a new home, Gretchen helped us find the perfect home for them and the perfect investment for us. We trusted Gretchen to find homes that met our needs and made an offer on a house Gretchen recommended. We reviewed the pictures on-line and followed Gretchen’s recommendations on the offer. We ended up with a great house at a reasonable price.Gretchen was been extremely helpful through the whole process by sending us reminders of critical dates through closing, recommending local resources and advising us as how things were done in Kona. Although we closed in November and my daughters family is not moving in until January, Gretchen continues to assist us long-range in questions we have and resources we need. Her services and attention to us as clients did not end with the closing of the house. Thank you Gretchen for letting us be your clients.Dave & Joanne Padgett


Mahalo to you, Gretchen. We are in the house of our dreams! (Well – beyond my wildest dreams at least!). Thanks for pointing us in the right direction. I really appreciated your style- introducing us to a big variety of properties, pointing out the pros and cons of each property and letting us make the final decision without any preferences indicated on your part. Mahalo, too, for the quick, easy and trouble-free sale of our condo. We recommend you highly!

With warm aloha,

Stone Wolfsong



We are really looking forward to growing old in this house. It really was meant for us! Thanks again for everything!.

Danielle & David


You and your staff did such an excellent job in handling the purchase of our new condo!  We look forward to continuing to work with your organization.  Mahalo!

Rick and Peggy Benson


Aloha members of the Gretchen Lambeth Club: I hope everyone has at least an experience as rewarding as mine has been.  Gretchen does not let any grass grow under her feet once she gets going.  We decided on my needs and desires and went from there. In about six weeks we closed on my new home in Kona.

Thank you Gretchen and all involved for your caring and expertise when I most needed it.

Norma J.


Thanks for all your help! You really made the buying process easy for us. We know that at times we were probably being unrealistic, however you continued to be patient with us and walk us through all the options. It was a pleasure working with you and we will refer family and friends to you.

Mahalo, Korey and Laura


I am very impressed with your professionalism in every aspect of our transaction.  Your communications were always prompt & articulate.  You are a wealth of information & an expert on Kona real estate.  Your work ethic, knowledge, skill sets and personality are outstanding.  It was great having you as quarterback on our winning team!  I highly recommend your services!



Angela and I were very happy to use your services. You really helped us find what we needed and make the process simple. We definitely plan on keeping up with the market and using your advice.

Thanks for everything!



Aloha Gretchen! It was a pleasure getting to meet & work with you. I am very impressed with your professionalism in every aspect of our transaction. Your communications were always prompt, & articulate. You are a wealth of information & expert on Kona real estate. Your work ethic, knowledge, skill sets, & personality were outstanding. It was great having you as quarterback on our winning team. Anyone interested in a Kona real estate transaction definitely needs to consult with you. I HIGHLY recommend your services!

We are currently in communication with Jeni on pursuing a real estate mgmt. contract for our unit.



We would highly recommend Gretchen to anyone who is looking at buying or selling property on the Big Island. Having only vacationed on the Big Island once we were grateful to have had Gretchen as our agent. Her knowledge of the market and area was very impressive.  She responded quickly to all of our e-mails and phone calls and having spent only 3 weeks on the Island there were a lot of them. Gretchen helped us find a place to rent before we arrived here and had all of the information we needed to start our journey to become permanent residents. After spending a short time with her she knew exactly what we were looking for in a home and found us the perfect one. The whole process of moving from Alaska to Hawaii, which seemed overwhelming at times, was made easy by her expertise, professionalism and enthusiasm as an agent.


Cliff and Lana

Hawaiian Isle Real Estate and Gretchen Lambeth was recommended to me by someone from all the way on the east coast. Now I know why. Her intimate knowledge of the Kona market found me the house of my dreams and in a price range I could afford. It has always been a dream of mine to own a home in Hawaii and Gretchen made it happen. If I ever am in need of an agent in Kona again I want Gretchen and Hawaiian Isle Real Estate on my side fighting for me!

Thank you,

James Smith

Gretchen is dedicated to finding the perfect property for each of her clients. She listened to me describe exactly what I wanted and then hung in with me for more than a year, searching diligently. Mahalo Gretchen! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

S. Sakai

Gretchen is tireless and energetic and her knowledge and experience helped us navigate the troubled waters of buying a foreclosed home. She soothed our fevered brows on many occasions!

John Randerson

Gretchen was a pleasure to work with. She was responsive and thorough with all the necessary paperwork. Our home purchase was a smooth process. Thank you, Gretchen.

Serena Chamberlain

Gretchen really listened closely to the sort of property I described that I was interested in buying. She then went out of her way to tailor my search to what I wanted and could afford. Gretchen was always prepared when we met, used our time wisely, and was a pleasure to deal with at all times. (I believe that pleasant, respectful attitude is called the Aloha spirit). Gretchen never abandoned me when I got into the wilds of securing financing. When it came time to remodel, Gretchen opened up her book of qualified people to me. Gretchen was always so gracious throughout the entire process – even when the process bordered on becoming an ordeal. I actually enjoyed my experience of purchasing property on the Big Island because of Gretchen’s skills, and I am pleased I know Gretchen for the long-haul. I recommend Gretchen without reservation to anyone interested in real estate on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Cheryl Flanagan

A simple “Thank You” doesn’t quite convey our appreciation for the wonderful job you and your staff did in handling the purchase of our condo. We feel so fortunate to have been referred to you. I recall the first time we met in your office. As we walked out, I looked at Ron and said, “Wow, she’s great!” He quickly agreed.

From start to finish, your professionalism, expertise, and personalized support was unsurpassed. In today’s environment it’s refreshing to conduct business with someone so committed to customer service. Every time Ron or I had a question or concern, you replied promptly with the answers we needed – many times after hours or during the weekend. We appreciate how tech-savvy you are and loved being able to review and sign many of the documents electronically.

Gretchen, we will enthusiastically recommend you to friends or colleagues needing a realtor. You just have a way of making customers feel like they’re your most important clients. Thank you once again for handling our transaction perfectly! We hope to enjoy our condo for years to come.

Warmest Regards,

Ron and Janet Ford

We just relocated to Kailua Kona, in January 2013, from New Zealand. We

were fortunate to have Gretchen Lambeth recommended to us for the all

important search for our new home. Our experience was extended over a 4

month time frame and viewing dozens of potential properties, but by placing

our search in Gretchen’s hands we feel we saw the best options and have

ended up with a very nice result.


CLOSE CONTACT with western Big Island Real Estate. She has STUDIED MARKET

TRENDS over many years and KNOWS THE OPTIONS.!

Also, she was very helpful in DEFINING WHAT WE NEEDED, and HELPED US FOCUS.

She is a VERY HARD WORKER, and VERY SKILLED with documentation, offers, etc.

Finally, she is both TENACIOUS, always looking for suitable homes, but at

the same time PLEASANT TO WORK WITH!

We highly recommend Gretchen at HAWAIIAN ISLE REAL ESTATE. She is an


Best Regards, Norm and Marion Moe

My husband and I were looking for a home to buy here on the Island. I have always heard that Gretchen was the Realtor to go through. Gretchen was excellent, she managed to help us find our dream home. Gretchen is so dedicated to her clients and the follow up was fantastic, if there is something you need she is willing to go that extra mile to help you get what is needed for the lender etc., I would highly recommend Gretchen if you are interested in buying a home.

Mahalo, Heather & Alex Austin

Words do not express how much we appreciate all you have done in helping us acquire the new house. You have blessed our family beyond measure with your hard work and integrity. Thank you for your perseverance and determination to stay the course when it didn’t seem like there was hope and the deal was down the tubes… more than once.

D & J Rogers

Connections, Knowledge, Technology, and Personality were the four main attributes that made Gretchen the best choice for West Hawaii realtor. She had many great contacts for pre-sale preparation and house-staging and other steps in the process, and her vast experience over many years meant that she always could recommend the best choices within the community. She had the most complete knowledge of the local market and historical trends of sales and purchases of anyone I’ve ever selected, and she has extensive experience dealing with the potential pitfalls of a complex transaction. Her up-to-date technology use meant that processing could be completed quickly without being physically present, and she was always professional and on top of things, anticipating and reacting to each step along the way with efficiency and promptness. She was also a great local friend who was always cheerful and optimistic about our transaction(s); the latest one with her had multiple offers/buyers and closed in record time.

Tim Dirks

As an out-of-state buyer, I was not sure what to expect when trying to purchase a Kona property. Wow, Gretchen did a fantastic job and went above and beyond all expectations. The closing process was handled electronically and was flawless. Gretchen promptly answered any and all questions and the transaction went smoothly. Highly Recommend!”

Steve & Maggie

We thought maybe it was the right to time to take the equity in our Alii Drive condo and move up to a house.. and it was! We listed with Gretchen and it sold the first day! With tailored daily MLS listing feeds from Gretchen we began our search for our replacement property before we put the condo on the market and found just the right house a week after it went into escrow. We bought the new place at less per square foot than we sold the condo for… who would have thought that was possible? And the interest rates are so low our monthly payments are minimal… we are thrilled and love our new place!

Greg and Dixie Jagow

Buying a condo in Hawaii had been a goal of ours for the last year, but navigating the options was overwhelming. HOA fees, leased land, short sales and more made it seem like a very big risk to know which one to buy. Having Gretchen guide us and hone our options down to the ones that worked, it made the final choice obvious and certain. She is like having a district attourney on your side. Very professional, very knowlegable and she keeps you informed and prepared each step of the way. Two of our friends are now using her services and they also noticed how hard she works and how well she knows the market here.

Darrel and Renate Whitcomb

When it comes to knowing the Real Estate Market in the Hawaiian Islands, Gretchen is the person you want to be working with! My wife and I had been talking for a while about what sort of property would suit us. Gretchen was able to guide us though this journey we were on to find the perfect home for our family. She is very patient and encouraging and always available for our questions! She is very confident and truly loves what she does!

Thank you for making our dream come true!

Alister & Jade

From the moment we met Gretchen we knew that she would be our Realtor/Broker of choice. She handled our transaction in a totally efficient, professional and ethical manner. Moreover,she is warm, nonjudgmental and a lot of fun.

I & K Wilde


February 8th, 2011:

I met Gretchen during the summer of 2009 after moving to Kona as a full time resident in April 2009. I had owned in Kona since 1999 but had not lived here locally until then.

My goal was to determine if my Wife and I wanted to:

A: Stay put in our existing ocean view condo.

B: Move to a bigger/better condo

C: Move to a house – and sell/not sell our existing condo

AND – What the heck was going to happen with the market in the future??

No person has the crystal ball to effectively answer accurately but Gretchen provides the necessary tools and patience required for the answer to evolve.

  1. Knowledge: Gretchen lives, breaths and probably dreams real estate? As an Engineer I want data – charts – graphs, etc. I received them in record time.
  2. Responsiveness: We have all had a realtor that promises responsiveness. When Gretchen sets a time she will be there, on time and ready to go. When another party (other realtor, finance person, etc. is not pulling their weight Gretchen will professionally repair the issue. She operates 24×7 and will be there when needed (in person, on the phone or over email as appropriate).
  3. Industry Leader: Gretchen is well known to all realtor’s in Kona so if you are looking for an informed source she will know it or find out if it can be found. Her motto: “never underestimate the power of a redhead” is right on!
  4. Tactfulness: Gretchen will tell you her opinion if asked but in a positive manner. She reads a client and understands how to approach and work with them for a win win end solution. She knows she does not have a crystal ball and readily separates facts, educated guesses and rumors from incoming information.
  5. You want a Realtor that at least pretends to like your jokes. Gretchen not only pretends to like them but actually appears to appreciate them (or at least has me fooled that she does?).

End result: After a year of looking we came across the right Ocean Front Condo at the Kona Bali Kai complex and closed quickly despite the Foreclosure Bank Owned Status and the selling realtor being out of state and not available for Phone conversations 90% of the time.

Regards – Lynn Noffsinger

We were looking for a home to purchase and could not be “on Island” to see our prospects.  Gretchen Lambeth not only video taped the home and property but she also took us on a narrated tour of the neighborhood.  When we arrived for the first time to enter our new home it was like we had been here before.  Gretchen handled everything for us and is still there for us as we settle-in.  Here is a realtor that goes above and beyond the call of duty.  Thanks, Gretchen!

Hemphill: WA

As a single mother with only one income I never imagined home ownership, especially in Hawaii, as a possibility. But as home prices continued to decrease, my dream of buying a home for my daughter and myself began to come alive. Now came the tricky part. I knew absolutely zilch about the real estate market and home loan applications. I couldn’t tell you what an appraisal included, or what comps were. But it didn’t matter because Gretchen knew all of it. And if she didn’t have the answer, she was quick to find it. Not only did she explain the process and walk me through every step in as much detail as I needed, she also listened (I mean really listened) to my concerns. As the process dragged on and I began to give up, she continued to offer words of encouragement. She had more patience than anyone I’ve known and worked diligently to find a place that would work for my daughter and I. And when we finally found that place, she celebrated with us. She still keeps in touch, and when I have questions, I know where to find the answers. I never would have gotten through this without her. She’s the absolute best!

Happy home (condo) owner,


To the Big Island fans who want to buy a piece paradise but can’t make it out there to see every property:  Never fear, our realtor, Gretchen Lambeth, of Hawaiian Isle Real Estate, with her diligent approach and her handy Flip Video, made it all possible for us to do just that.

Here is our story:

My husband had been on me for quite a while to buy our future retirement home on the Big Island.  When you vacation there you can only get a real estate “snap shot” for the time you are on the island and then you have to leave.  My husband had remembered Gretchen’s cute red awning and saw one of her properties on the internet, but I was a long way from being convinced.  Gretchen told us she could send us her flip videos providing the answers to particular questions for that property.  Of course my husband was sold but I wanted to cast a wider net.

I can tell you I put Gretchen through her paces collecting information, taking flip videos and getting all the information I asked for, and then some, on each property that looked interesting.  The more she got to know us through emails and phone calls, we narrowed down search areas and she went flip video’ing away.  We got so much more than any MLS listing could ever give you.  Short of standing in the actual house, we had the same thing, without the plane ticket!

Gretchen was so helpful in all aspects and answering questions (of which I had many!) that I would never have bought a piece of property this way without her tireless work and her handy flip video set up.  And just to make it more complicated, we got involved in 2 homes with short sales. She helped us through all the things that we didn’t know about this process and the idiosyncrasies of Hawaiian real estate that is so different from the mainland.  Her contacts were fantastic for everything.  From the loan process to all the things we needed set up to get the paperwork going, all the way through closing on our dream home on the Big Island.

As it turned out, I was able to visit the island to see our purchase a week after we closed escrow and I can’t tell you how pleased I am (and more than pleasantly surprised!) that the reality was even better than was portrayed in all Gretchen’s hard work and her flip videos.  I was the skeptical one through this process and decision, and my fears were completely put to rest when I walked into our new home.  The location and neighborhood, through hard work and research by us both, were exactly what we were looking for and I just hated to leave.

Gretchen went so far beyond what you’d expect from a real estate agent. Even after the closing, she was still taking care of us.  This process couldn’t have been a better one for my family and I would highly recommend Gretchen as a realtor.  She truly embodies her website’s motto of making your “Hawaiian Real Estate Dreams” and “the power of a red head” an actual reality. As they say, a big “Mahalo” to Gretchen for bringing Hawaii’s Aloha spirit to our future on the Big Island.

All the best,  The Murrays of Southern California….but not for long!

Gretchen is the absolutely best!  We know several Realtors but we chose Gretchen because of her newsletter.  We met her several years ago and have been on her mailing list and we read newsletter faithfully.  We were most impressed with her honesty with what the true picture of the market was.  If the market was good she said it was good, if it was bad she said it was horrible and always backed it with data. When it came time for us to buy a house she not only found us the house that met all of our wants, she found us a house in an area that we did not think we could afford.  She led us through the “minefield” of a VERY difficult bank owned transaction (foreclosure). Gretchen’s communication during the whole process was outstanding.  She always kept us informed, even when nothing was going on. For our next transaction in Kona, we would use no one other than Gretchen.

Beach: Kailua-Kona

My wife and I were interested in buying a house and I thought I could do it on my own… wrong! I came to a conclusion that we needed a Realtor.  I asked around at my church since we wanted a Christian to represent us and her name came up more than once. The moment I called her she began giving us incredible service, jumping through seemingly endless hoops for the very challenging $300,000 house market. I would think that most Realtors would try to get you into something as soon as possible to make the quick buck. Oh no, Gretchen’s #1 goal is to get you into something that fits your family’s lifestyle. She will take as much time as it takes to find the perfect fit. She always remained positive when the going got tough.  She was reliable and always made time for us. We have been in our home for two months now and love it. We could not have done it with out you Gretchen you were a blessing to us!!

Zeph: Kailua-Kona

Gretchen helped make an authentic miracle happen.  In the midst of an economic recession she helped me buy the PERFECT home-one that fit ALL my needs and DESIRES.  As a human she is intelligent, intuitive, honest and kind.  As an agent she exudes competence, thoroughness, patience, flexibility and integrity. I had zero knowledge of real estate and its many aspects.  She guided and explained to me each step of the way and I felt safe.  She is the gift that keeps giving!  I would recommend no other.


After a few months of looking for property in Kona – while living in California, it soon became clear that it was a much more difficult and frustrating undertaking than we could ever imagine. We were about to give up, not only on our agent but also on the island, when I contacted Gretchen, explained our needs, our past experiences and dismay. She was willing to take us on as clients. What a difference experience, knowledge and professionalism made! I didn’t keep them all, but we must have exchanged hundreds of emails during our buying process. Gretchen has always been available by phone even when she was off the Island. She took the time for us when we flew over from California. She tolerated my sense of humor and always maintained her “cool” with all the questions and requests. She never gave up on us. I am sure we weren’t easy clients to work with. We finally found a place and Gretchen maintained her sense of professionalism and walked us through every step of the buying process, even after we entered escrow. Gretchen is a true “find” and if she treats you the way she treated us in your buying or selling process you won’t be disappointed. Red heads do work harder. Thank you Gretchen.


I wish to fully recommend Gretchen Lambeth to any buyer (or seller) contemplating a residential real estate transaction. Her knowledge, experience and timely communication ensured our recent purchase proceeded to completion. We were kept fully informed at all times and she established an excellent working relationship with the existing agent. I have been employed in real estate for over 35 years and have not come across a person who is more professional. Service and results is what really counts and Gretchen excels on both counts!!


I was a first time home buyer in a challenging economic time, but made it through smiling.  It would not have been possible without Gretchen’s dedication and professionalism.  Gretchen is outstanding at what she does.  She welcomed me the first day and clearly explained to me what was going on in terms that I could understand. As the process continued, I always felt safe and well-represented with Gretchen by my side.  I trusted her completely and knew that if I had any questions she would be there to answer and explain them to me.  I soon learned that the home-buying process is not easy as unexpected obstacles fell in our way. However, Gretchen continued to help me find other ways to reach my goal even when I felt that my dream of home ownership was over. She never gave up and worked hard for me, always making me feel like I was her most important client. Gretchen was there fighting for lower prices and asking questions on my behalf until the signing day – I couldn’t have asked for a better agent!


Gretchen we loved your get it done attitude. The time and effort you put into our condominium purchase from start to finish was outstanding. We feel that we have a new friend in Kona who just happens to be a great realtor. Mahalo

Cusick: Wenatchee, Washington

With the benefit of Gretchen’s “local knowledge” of prime properties and the fact that she is email savvy to the extreme, she made the process of acquiring our home in Kona the easiest, quickest and most enjoyable of experiences, and I could not recommend anyone more highly than her.

Feldhake/Grace: Newport Beach, CA

Congratulations on closing our escrow several weeks ago!! I have to admit living on the mainland and purchasing a property in Hawaii seemed like a complicated and risky transaction. Well, all those initial fears melted away with your perseverance and supreme level of communication. I have purchased many properties over the years, and this was the easiest transaction I have been involved with. Just goes to show that with the right real estate agent, distance will not be a factor. Thanks again for making our second home dreams in Kona become a reality for me and my family.

K. Millington: Santa Barbara, CA

Gretchen began working hard for us from the first moment we talked. She found the perfect home for our family and helped us make the huge move from California to Kona. She helped us with everything from turning on the utilities to teaching the kids to catch geckos, from buying furniture to where to get your hair weaved. We highly recommend Gretchen; we can’t imagine having done this without her!

Scheller: Kailua-Kona, HI

Gretchen was our Realtor and she did a fantastic job! We live on the mainland & everything was done by fax or overnight delivery. She stayed on top of everything & proved that you can buy real estate long distance. I would highly recommend her. Thanks Gretchen!

Fox: Madera, CA

She was always on top of everything we needed, available for questions, and was fair in her sales showings. We were impressed with her integrity, honesty, personableness, and when we finally closed, we felt like old friends.

Randerson: Kailua-Kona, HI

I went thru two agents before finding Gretchen. She was the only one that had any knowledge about the market, listened to what I was looking for & worked everyday to help me find a piece of property. I felt like I was her only client even though I was on a budget in this hot market. I will not do any real estate business without her.

Powles: Kailua-Kona, HI

We have now closed two escrows with Gretchen at the helm and cannotexpress enough praises on her behalf. She far exceeds any other agent we haveever dealt with. She emailed every day for almost a year while looking for our condo. . .it was so reassuring to know she was on thelookout for us. In closing the deal on our house recently she exhibited an amazing degree of professionalism with total attention to detail.

Walczak Mammoth Lakes, CA

Recently we purchased two homes in Kona with Gretchen’s help. From the beginning she was a tower of knowledge. She knew the history of the island and future development plans. She understood exactly what we were looking for and located it! After escrow opened, she arranged financing and dealt with a myriad of issues, including incorrect credit reports and a loan specialist who suddenly resigned before the loans were funded. After we closed escrow, Gretchen continued to assist us with furnishing and landscaping our home. We love to recommend her!

T. Curry: Kailua-Kona, HI

Gretchen, thank you for making our dream come true! We are absolutely thrilled with our move to Lokahi Makai. Our new home is spectacular. The kids are happy too because less commuting means more family time! We are all jumping for joy! Mahalo Nui Loa!

Hurley: Kailua-Kona, HI