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Waimea Real Estate, General Area Information, and Waimea Homes for Sale

Homes for sale in Waimea are the perfect choice for families, business owners, and nature lovers looking to enjoy the Hawaiian landscape. Waimea real estate listings range from multi-million dollar ranches to small homes tucked away in the hills, making the town of Waimea perfect for virtually every potential home buyer on the market.

History Behind Waimea Homes for Sale

Those considering Waimea homes for sale may notice the town name is interspersed with the names “Kamuela” or “South Kohala.” Though confusing at first, these names all refer to the same general region. The name “Kamuela” was put in place to distinguish Waimea from another island town with the same name, while “South Kohala” refers to the general jurisdictional region. If you’re moving in, you’ll do well to remember that “Waimea” is how the town is commonly referred to among the residents, although the official postal name is “Kamuela.”

Waimea is centrally located at the northern part of the island and sits further inland than surrounding towns such as Kailua Kona or Waikoloa. Because of its slight distance from the coast, the area offers cooler temperatures, a refreshing afternoon breeze, plenty of rain, and views of grass covered hills as far as the eyes can see.

The fertile land in this mountain town was actually home to thousands of Hawaiians even before King Kamehameha’s great battle and European settlement in the 1820s. Since then, the area has experienced a steady increase in population based on the region’s cattle population and fertile land to raise crops.

Waimea Real Estate: Horse Ranches, Farms and Mountain View Properties

Today, those looking at Waimea real estate will still notice the variety of ranch properties and farms available in the MLS listings. Waimea new homes are great choice for commercial farmers, horse lovers, and those who have always dreamed cultivating a few crops and living off the fat of the land.

Waimea is also home to the Parker Ranch, which is 225,000 acres of sprawling Waimea real estate and the former home of John Parker Palmer, who lived here over 150 years ago. John Parker’s ranch was one of the first commercialized ranches in the area and remains one of the most frequented tourist attractions around.

Waimea New Homes: A Great Mix of Farm Life and Modern Suburbia

However, Waimea new homes for sale aren’t just limited to farm properties. This residential town is home to educators from local private schools, employees from seven local world class hotels and resorts, clergy from 14 religious groups, medical professionals from the area hospital, and astronomers and scientists from across the globe who work in the telescope facilities on the Mauna Kea volcano.

There are a variety of Waimea homes for sale to meet the needs of each type of professional calling the area home. These housing options range from modest estates to traditional single family homes nestled in the mountains. Although there are over 6,000 residents in Waimea, the town still has that “small town” feel, considering there are only two traffic lights, two fast food restaurants, and three total shopping centers in the entire area. There is clearly something to make everyone feel right at home within the town lines.

Furthermore, most homes for sale in Waimea are just a short drive from the beautiful beaches and sea attractions that line the coast, thus providing the best of both words for people who are looking for something more than just life on the beach.

No matter what type of Waimea HI real estate you’re looking for – ranging from Waimea new homes for sale or a simple cottage on a farm – Waimea has it all. Your dream piece of Waimea real estate is waiting for you.